My Kitchen

This is my kitchen.  This is where I cook and bake, laugh and enjoy my family, even if it is difficult to squeeze us all in there at the same time.  I always have an audience too – the dog and cat stick to my side like glue, just waiting for me to drop something.  It sure can get crowded!



My kitchen is an average kitchen.  It doesn’t have a wall mounted pot filler faucet, no 6 burner Viking stove with grill – nope, no full LaCanche Cluny 1400 cooking suite *swoon* either.  My refrigerator is not a Sub Zero or Northland custom refrigerator and sadly, I don’t have an integrated wine refrigerator either.

I used to feel insecure about my website and blogging because my kitchen is not a super amazing gourmet chef’s kitchen. You should have seen it prior to our long overdue remodel.  Downright scary it was! Prior to our remodel, we had a 70’s kitchen, complete with dark cabinets hanging from the ceiling where the counter bar is. Just taking those ugly things down brought in more light and more airyness and, saved me from bonking my head several times a day!

The point is, you don’t need a fancy chef’s kitchen to make nourishing meals or bake tasty treats.  In a world full of amazing cooking blogs that often highlight amazing kitchens, don’t be daunted by the impression that every blogger has top-of-the-line, expensive kitchen gadgets and appliances.  Many of us out there don’t.  You don’t have to have the best kitchen or kitchen gadgets and appliances to be a great cook or a great cooking blogger!

What my kitchen does have is heart and soul; it functions efficiently and smoothly for my family and it’s really all I need. Ok, I admit it, I really do need the full LaCanche Cluny 1400 cooking suite 🙂